Training organisations

Benefit from DuoTrainin’s blended learning and give your organisation a competitive advantage. Find new clients for your physical courses and generate additional revenue by offering them Duotrainin courses.

Provide your clients with a powerful learning support tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, on PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The DuoTrainin team is constantly looking for training organisations, language schools and teachers who are willing to offer our products to their clients in return for a 30 % commission on all sales.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of DuoTrainin, please do not hesitate and contact us by clicking the ‘Become a partner’ button at the bottom of this page.

  • A wider selection of services is a competitive advantage in the training market.
  • Market your courses to existing users in the system.
  • Financial gain from every registered user.

Six advantages for students

  • DuoTrainin quickly identifies what the user's weaknesses are.
  • Even the first question answered analyses the user's needs.
  • The continuous learning creates a profile of the user's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Right from the first question answered, DuoTrainin begins delivering tailored content to suit the needs of the user.
  • DuoTrainin is available for use at any time, anywhere and on any device with internet access.
  • DuoTrainin is fun, simple to use and is even slightly addictive!