DuoTrainin can deliver your training content in three different ways to meet your specific needs. Each one has been designed to reduce training costs while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of the learning process.


Managed with the help of an intuitive dashboard, DuoTesting is the core methodology used to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of a user. This starts with a single question, randomly generated from our continuous learning. New questions are being generated on the basis of previous answers, focusing on weak areas of knowledge. The user can study or practice these with 5-question topic tests and obtain points to reach higher levels. The user can lose points for incorrect answers and drop levels as well.

Knowledge maintenance and weakness identification made simple via regular testing.

Progress testing

The progress test is a tool for people to confirm their required level of knowledge about a certain topic at timed intervals. This can be done in conjunction with the Duotesting product. The progress test is randomly created from the course content available, with written, audio and video options in any combination and can have multiple activation dates. The DuoTrainin system will handle the entire workflow and the Course Coordinator can follow progress and results in the dashboard.

Progress testing is the ultimate way to support your employees’ knowledge and stimulate their progress.

Corporate compliance

This product allows the corporate compliance officer to have employees confirm online that they have read dedicated documents by uploading them to the dashboard. The DuoTrainin system manages the entire workflow and includes the necessary reporting tools, which make a corporate compliance audit a piece of cake.

Create an auditable workflow of the organisation's corporate compliance policy.