Next Generation E-learning

Why DuoTesting?

Since the birth of the internet there has been e-learning but, unlike the internet, e-learning has been slow to evolve. It is still more or less static pages of information or videos and then questions. There are stored results and a certain amount of limited feedback and when the course finishes, that is it and the user will probably forget everything within a few days. DuoTesting gives the learner a tool where they can “stay in touch” with what they have learned at anytime in a fun and very simple way.

However it has always been possible to provide learners with a more individual approach, after all we are all different and all have different learning needs. This is the area where DuoTesting really stands out. If a user is a complete beginner they can start with reading materials and doing tests from a specific area. If the user already has some knowledge of the topic, then they can start with a random question test which will help them identify where they need to focus their studies.

Changing the way we connect

This brings us to the next point. The way people connect with the internet has changed enormously in the last few years. We spend more and more time using smart phones to connect to the internet while at home, on the train or in a restaurant. The fact that you can log in to DuoTesting, do a single question test and log out within 15 seconds means that no one has an excuse to say “I don’t have time to study”. So while waiting for the bus, you can check your email, facebook and do some constructive studying all in a 60 seconds session.

Adaptive e-learning

By analyzing the history of the user's past answers, the system can adapt the difficultly of the questions according the specific needs of the user. The user can move at their own speed and never feel de-motivated.

How can 15 seconds be constructive?

15 seconds can be constructive because DuoTesting looks at one question as a test not a group of for example 10 questions (who has time nowadays to sit and do 10 questions at once?). The single question tests are randomly generated from all the questions that are your level, however the algorithm is more likely to give you a question that you recently got wrong so that you can learn faster. You can see the result immediately with an explanation and the possibility to listen to the answer. If available the system is localised to the native language of the learner. When you get enough questions correct you move to a higher level. This means that more topics are added to your course so more questions become available.

Fun element

Every time you get a question correct, you get one point, and every time you get a question wrong, you lose a point. When you get enough questions correct you move to a higher level which means that more topics are added to your course which means more question are available. However you can still go down again if you lose points.

Focused e-learning

Another very clever part of the DuoTesting methodology is how the system can identify exactly where you need to study. A learner is more interested in where they need to specifically improve rather than a percentage result at the end of a test. A global single question test is taken from a topic which is in the level of the user. The list of topics can be seen in the left menu and, as you get the results from a single test, the topic button shows a percentage of how good you are in that topic.

The system is constantly updating the topics menu according to the results of a single tests so the more global tests you do, the more accurate your strengths and weaknesses profile is.

Topic tests

At any time you can click on a topic, read materials about or simply do a 5 question test where every question is from that topic. This means you can focus your studying on where it is needed, not just simple go from screen to screen of a traditional e-learning system.