The preposition "TO"

The preposition "TO"

28. 3. 2018

"To" is used to show direction or intention of actual movement.  Direction could mean to the left, to the right, (go) to Italy, (went) to the pub, etc.  Intention of movement would be (might) go to work, (could) be sent to jail, (will) go to the zoo, etc.

Here are some examples of direction:

"Go to the next traffic light and turn there." - This means to continue until you arrive at the next traffic light and then do something.

"Your keys are to the left of the computer." - On the left-side of the computer are your keys, so this is leading you to look there.

"She is walking to the pub." - This means that she left her original destination and is now walking in the direction of the pub or this is how she will get to the pub.

Here are some examples of movement:

"I will go to work later this morning." - I have plans to be at work later this morning.

"Katerina will drive to her aunt and uncle's after her car is repaired." - Katerina has plans to use her car to help her go visit her aunt and uncle.

"My sister walked to the bed to see what the strange sound was." - My sister heard a strange noise and moved toward the bed to see what could be making the noise.