First Conditional

First Conditional

27. 5. 2020

Definition of the first conditional

The First conditional describes a possible situation and the result in the future. p>

How to form the first conditional

Main clause
If + present simple
Will + Infinitive

Examples of the first  conditional

If clause

Main clause
If + subject + verb in the present tenseSubject + will + verb in the present tense
If I have time,
I will go on holiday.
If I go out tonight,
I will eat in a restaurant.

As with all conditional sentences, the order of the clauses can be changed. However you may have to rearrange the pronouns and correct the punctuation..

Main clause

If clause
Subject + will + verb in the present tenseIf + subject + verb in the present tense
I will stay at home tomorrow
if it rains.
I will buy a new coat

if I have enough money.