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DuoTrainin for Organisations

DuoTrainin is an intelligent micro-learning system to manage all your training and testing, using the DuoTesting methodology that causes accelerated learning and improved knowledge retention.

DuoTrainin for Individuals

One question at the time, DuoTrainin learns from you and provides you with real-time personalised feedback to teach you better and focus your studies on what you don't know.

How it works

  • Integrate all your courses

    Blended learning

    DuoTrainin is a valuable tool to manage all your trainings in one platform, while it can be used as a stand alone learning management system.

    Training providers can plan more focused courses, as DuoTrainin provides an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the group as a whole as well.

  • Well-managed training

    A simple testing workflow

    Course coordinators are in control.

    Users are generated on the fly and recurring tests can either be automatically generated or pre-loaded with future starting dates, without limitations.

    Once a user is in the system, DuoTrainin takes care of the rest.

    Coordinator dashboard

    The training coordinator can easily see who has (not) completed the compulsory tests.

    User dashboard

    The employee is automatically informed about a new test and can see his/her test history.
  • Identify your knowledge gaps

    One question at the time

    The first step in any learning process is to identify what you don’t know so you can focus your limited time only on what you need to study.

    This starts with a single question, randomly generated from our global test. New questions are being generated on the basis of your previous answers.

    After you answer each question, you immediately get the result with an explanation and sound where available. This allows you to only study what you don’t know yet, accelerating your learning.

  • Study and Practice

    Study material and Topic tests

    Your strengths and weakness profile is updated after each question. You find this profile in the left menu of each course. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your study profile becomes.

    You can then choose which topic you want to focus your studies on by clicking on either the “Study” or “Practice” button for that topic which will give you 5 questions only from that topic.

An All-in-one Learning Management System.

Tailor made content

Unlike other systems, DuoTrainin generates tailor made content for each employee to improve the effectivity of the training provided and increase competence levels.

Blended Learning

DuoTrainin combines the advantages of e-learning and physical courses to provide employees with a blended learning platform to support an organisation’s training needs.

Upload your own courses

Organisations can upload their own material to create own courses, which can use the DuoTesting methodology, and use the ready-made DuoTrainin courses as well.

Trainin on-the-go

DuoTrainin can be used on-the-go: anytime, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection and is easy to use, fun and even slightly addictive.

Simplified training management

Automated management of all employee training via an “easy-to-use” intuitive dashboard. Real time reports and statistics can be generated at the click of a button.

Corporate compliance

Create an auditable workflow of your organisation’s compliance policy to ensure that all employees and contractors are fully aware of all rules and regulations.