Learn faster, forget slower: the same training is different for everyone with built-in intelligence in each course.


Foundations of B2B marketing

1.50 € *  
The Foundations of B2B marketing course is for anyone who wants to understand the essentials of B2B marketing and how to create relevant, differentiated and effective marketing for B2B brands.

Developing a marketing plan

1.50 € *  
The Developing a marketing plan course is for everyone who would like to understand marketing by taking the first step: creating a marketing plan.

Developing a value proposition

This course is for everyone who wants to understand what truly motivates their prospects to buy from them and have a framework to create their own exceptional value proposition.

Social media marketing foundations

1.50 € *  
This course is for everyone who would like to gain a solid understanding of B2B social media marketing and establish an effective social media marketing policy.

* Prices are per month, are based on a 12 month licence and are for single end users. For organisation prices please click here.