OHSE - VCA for Operational Managers

Contains: Safety regulations|Prevention|Work sites and more

This course is for everyone who is (co-) responsible for, and supervises health, safety and environment at work.

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Course Introduction

Wherever you work, legal rights and obligations in the areas of occupational health, safety and environment (OSHE) apply. Ensuring that these rights and duties are being enforced, supervising them and working on continuous improvement are the responsibility of the (operational) supervisor.

This course OHSE for Operational Managers is fully aligned with the end and test criteria of the worldwide recognised Dutch Health & Safety standard, VCA VOL.

Why buy this course?

This course is the perfect preparation for mastering, applying and supervising the legal rights and obligations in the field of Health, Safety and the Environment so that work is carried out safely and healthily.

It is not necessary to first follow the VCA Basic Safety course at DuoTrainin; all the knowledge that is addressed in VCA Basic Safety course is also covered in this course OHSE - VCA for Operational Managers.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to pass the OHSE FOM - VCA VOL exam successfully. With the diploma in hand, you can independently apply the HSE policy and supervise it to promote the health and well-being of yourself and others.

Additional information

This course is part of our Workplace Essentials suite of courses.


The price for an organisation of this OHSE - VCA for Operational Managers course is €65.00 per user per 12 months.

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