Foundations of B2B marketing

Contains: The basics of B2B marketing | Objectives | Understanding the market and more

This course is for people who want to develop a winning marketing plan for their B2B brand.

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Course Introduction

The investment in business-to-business (B2B) brands is the same as in consumer brands. This Foundations of B2B marketing course will teach you the essentials of B2B marketing and how to create relevant, differentiated and effective marketing for B2B brands.

What defines B2B marketing, how to set objectives, avoid mistakes, and benchmark your efforts against your competition are all part of this course. This course explores how to execute research and better understand your market and competitors, and how to develop a winning marketing strategy, setting out tactics and strategies to help you market your services and products to other business more effectively. Measuring your efforts, and the benefits of using a CRM-system conclude this foundational course.

Why buy this course?

When you have completed this course, you will be able to develop your own B2B marketing plan and put it to work, creating a competitive advantage on the market and achieve better results.

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This course is part of our Workplace Essentials suite of courses.


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