EU GDPR Implementation for Data Processors

Contains: Documentation | Governance | Access & Control and More

A course for those who are charged with, or take part in, the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR at a Data Processor.

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Course Introduction

25 May 2018 is the date the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. Its grace period of two years will have come to an end.
The EU GDPR applies to your organisation if you are processing and/or controlling personal data of people living in the European Union. This applies regardless of your organisation's location. Clouds are not exempt from GDPR enforcement.

Why buy this course?

When you have finished this course, you will be able to prepare and execute a comprehensive action plan to make sure your organisation meets the GDPR rules and regulations.

Additional information

Please note your organisation can be a Data Processor and a Data Controller at the same time.
We have created two separate implementation courses: EU GDPR Implementation for Data Processors and EU GDPR Implementation for Data Controllers. You might need them both.


For individual users, this course is 59 euro per person.
For an organisation, the= price 45 euro per person.
Prices are for a calendar year.

Special Offers

If you buy this course now and have purchased our EU GDPR Awareness course before, we will discount this course with 22.50 euro. This discount applies one to one.