EU GDPR Awareness

Contains: Awareness | Compliance & Accountability | Data Access

A course for decision makers and key people that need to be aware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

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Course Introduction

25 May 2018 is the date the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force. Its grace period of two years will have come to an end.

The EU GDPR applies to your organisation if you are processing and/or controlling personal data of people living in the European Union. This applies regardless of your organisation's location.

According to the EU GDPR, decision makers and key people in your organisation should be aware of the GDPR.

Why buy this course?

But what does that mean, ‘be aware of’? The EU GDPR is enormous and it doesn't specify what this means exactly.

DuoTrainin has made it easy for you by creating a course on the basics of the GDPR, its purpose, who it applies to, what is new, what a data breach is, and which penalties apply if you are in breach. This course also includes compliance, accountability and access to data under the GDPR.

Our DuoTesting methodology makes sure you will learn it fast and that you will retain your knowledge, also because you can always go back to your course, on any device.

When you have finished this course, you will have sufficient knowledge about the GDPR, be able to appreciate the impact the EU GDPR is likely to have and you should be able to identify areas that could cause compliance problems under the GDPR.

Additional information

For people tasked with, or taking part in the implementation of the EU GDPR, we have created two separate implementation courses: EU GDPR Implementation for Data Controllers and EU GDPR Implementation for Data Processors.


For individual users, the price of this EU GDPR Awareness course is 22.50 euro per person.

For an organisation, the price of this EU GDPR Awareness course is 15.00 euro per person.

Prices are per 12 months.

Special Offers

If you buy this course now and purchase the EU GDPR Implementation course for Data Controllers or for Data Processors, you will receive a 22.50 euro discount on the standard price of these implementation courses. The standard price is 59 euro for an individual and 45 euros for an organisation, per person.

Prices are per calendar year.