Creative millennials in the workplace

Contains: Millennial mindset | Ideal workplace | Millennial leadership and more

This course is for anyone who wants to understand millennials and create a great working environment for all generations.

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Course Introduction

In 2018, millennials are on average in their early 20s to late 30s. The world is encountering an accelerated rate of change, especially in the technology sector. This rapid evolution demands a new set of skills that older generations may find challenging. As digital natives, millennials navigate very efficiently and find great opportunities in this shifting environment.

This course focuses on how millennials learn and process information. It covers their new values, new challenges, and new tools that the millennial generation of creatives are deploying to create, collaborate, and conquer. You will gain insights into the millennial mindset, and learn techniques for working effectively with young creatives.

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When you have completed this course, you will know what millennials value and what their challenges are, so you can create a workplace in which millennials can thrive and grow as leaders.

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This course is part of our Talent Development suite of courses.


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